Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Miami Marlins Tickets

Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, CA

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Fri, Jul 19 2019 7:10 PM

Below is just a sample of the great premium and sold-out tickets available from our recommended Dodgers Ticket Brokers:

Section and RowEstimated
Section: ParkingRow: Parking Pass
981 N Hill St Los Angeles California CA United States 900 ...
Section: 6TDRow: W
Access to the Stadium Club. ADA accessible; semi-ambulato ...
Section: 54RSRow: DD
Section: 42RSRow: EE
Section: 6TDRow: O
Section: 4TDRow: H
Section: 34RSRow: JJ
Section: 22RSRow: DD
Section: 36RSRow: D
Section: 30RSRow: AA
Section: 22RSRow: DD
Section: 26RSRow: CC
Section: 30RSRow: AA
Section: 30RSRow: BB
Section: 30RSRow: BB
Section: 25RSRow: FF
Section: 24RSRow: P
Section: RESERVE MVP 8Row: N
Section: 20RSRow: M
Section: 20RSRow: N
Section: 28RSRow: H
Section: 27RSRow: K
Section: 28RSRow: L
Section: 33RSRow: AA
Section: 33RSRow: CC
Section: 19RSRow: J
Section: 42RSRow: FF
Section: 20RSRow: L
Section: 19RSRow: R
Mobile Entry Tickets. Must have smart device on hand to e ...
Section: 16RSRow: H
Section: 15RSRow: J
Section: 15RSRow: K
Section: 2RSRow: T
Section: 19RSRow: T
Mobile Entry Tickets. Must have smart device on hand to e ...
Section: 20RSRow: H
Section: 15RSRow: G
Section: 16RSRow: F
Section: LOTGRow: GA
Section: 16RSRow: D
Section: 9TDRow: B
Section: 6RSRow: M
Section: 9RSRow: L
Section: 2RSRow: R
Section: 7RSRow: L
Section: 7RSRow: H
Section: 26RSRow: AA
Section: 11TDRow: B
Section: 52FDRow: M
Section: 1RSRow: M
Section: 11RSRow: F
Section: 54RSRow: AA
Section: Left Field Pavilion 309Row: F
Section: Top Deck 1Row: D
Section: 6RSRow: U
Section: 3 RESERVERow: A
Section: 305PLRow: A
Section: 5TDRow: H
Section: 303PLRow: L
Section: 22RSRow: EE
Section: 45RSRow: AA
Section: 26FDRow: O
Section: 4TDRow: A
Section: 11TDRow: A
Section: 12TDRow: A
Section: 9TDRow: A
Section: 10TDRow: A
Section: 4TDRow: A
Section: 9TDRow: F
Section: 26RSRow: BB
Section: 5TDRow: A
Section: 7TDRow: A
Section: 133LGRow: A
Section: 103LGRow: P
Section: 34RSRow: AA
Mobile Entry Tickets. Must have smart device on hand to e ...
Section: 108LGRow: E
Section: 40FDRow: B
Section: 22RSRow: AA
Section: 126LGRow: A
Section: 117LGRow: R
Section: 123LGRow: R
Section: 16FDRow: C
Section: 12FDRow: F
Section: Field Box 20Row: E
Section: 7FDRow: O
Section: 11FDRow: M
Section: 22FDRow: D
Section: 11FDRow: C
Section: 14FDRow: A
Section: 25FDRow: C
Section: 5FDRow: A
Section: 17FDRow: A
Section: 13DGRow: DD
Section: 1DGRow: GG
Section: 22RSRow: CC
Section: 26RSRow: BB

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